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Solano: BOE-231-AH

Solano County: BOE-231-AH

Solano: BOE-231-AH REV.18 (5-13) for 2014

Welfare Exemption Section 231 Change In Eligibility Or Termination Notice

California law provides that if you are granted a Welfare Exemption and own property, exempted under section 214.15 or section 231 of the Revenue and Taxation Code, you will not be required to reapply for the Welfare Exemption in any subsequent year in which there has been no transfer of, or other change in title to, the exempted property and the property is used exclusively for construction of residences (section 214.15) or the property is used exclusively by a governmental entity for its interest and benefit (section 231). Under such one-time filing provisions, the Welfare Exemption will remain in effect until the property is sold or all or part of the property is used for activities that are outside the scope of the Welfare Exemption and section 214.15 or section 231 of the Revenue and Taxation Code. You should notify the Assessor on or before February 15 if, on or before the preceding lien date, you became ineligible for the exemption or if, on or before that lien date, you no longer owned the property or otherwise failed to meet all requirements for the exemption.

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