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Santa Barbara: BOE-571-LA

Santa Barbara County: BOE-571-LA

Santa Barbara: BOE-571-LA REV.24 (5-20) for 2021

Alternate Schedule A for Bank, Insurance Company, or Financial Corporation Fixtures

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This schedule is applicable ONLY to: (1) banks and financial corporations that are subject to taxation under th e provisions of section 23181 et seq. of the Revenue and Taxation Code; and (2) insurance companies that are subject to taxation under the provisions of section 28 of Article XIII of the California Constitution. If the assessee named on this statement is not a bank, financial corporation, or insurance company as defined in the preceding sentence, so indicate in the "Remarks" section and do not complete this schedule. Complete BOE-571-L, Business Property Statement, and return it and this schedule to the Assessor.

If the assessee named on this statement is a bank, financial corporation, or insurance company as defined above, complete entire BOE-571-L, except do not complete Sc hedule A or Column 2 of Sc hedule B of that s tatement. This supplemental schedule must be completed in lieu of Schedule A and Column 2 of Schedule B and submitted with BOE-571-L.

NAME and LOCATION. Enter the OWNER NAME and LOCATION OF THE PROPERTY as indicated on the front of BOE-571-L.

CORPORATION NUMBER. Enter t he corporate number issued by t he California Secretary of State. If this number has not been issued, enter t he equivalent number issued by t he Franchise Tax Board.

FIXTURES. Under the California law, p ersonal property owned by a ban k or financial corporation, and personal property owned by an insurance company, are exempt from property tax assessment. However, fixtures are taxable and must be reported on this schedule. Report t he cost of y our fixtures by calendar year of acquisition in the column that best describes the fixtures. Total the reported costs and enter the total on (P1), line 6, of BOE-571-L.

Do not include building costs which are reported in Column 1 of Schedule B of BOE-571-L.

To facilitate your reporting, below is a list of typical fixtures. Note that some items may be capitalized as personal property on your records, but must be reported as fixtures on this schedule. If additional information is needed, please contact the Assessor’s Office cited on the face of BOE-571-L.

COLUMNS 3,5 and 6 Report separately each item’s cost, year of acquisition, and descriptive code ("C" for Carpets, "DR" for Drapes, "V" for Vault Door, "N" for Night Depository, "D" for Drive-up Window, "W" for Walk-up Window, and "K" for Kiosk.) If carpets and drapes were acquired in the same year, please attach a separate schedule listing the year of acquisition and the individual costs.

COLUMNS 4 ATMs that are installed as free standing or counter-top units within a building are classified as personal property. ATMs installed in a structure built primarily for the purpose of housing the ATMs, or an ATM installed through the wall of a building, is classified as a fixture. (See Property Tax Rule 122.5(e)(9) and Assessor’s Handbook Section 504, page 18.)

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