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Monterey: BOE-571-W

Monterey County: BOE-571-W

Monterey: BOE-571-W REV.06 (5-20) for 2021

Wind Generation Property Statement

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California law prescribes a yearly ad valorem (property) tax based on property as it exists at 12:01 a.m. on January 1 (the lien date). References to sections are from the California Revenue and Taxation Code. References to Rules are from the California Code of Regulations.

Under section 441, the statement (forms) and the instructions constitute an official request that you declare all assessable property situated in this county which you owned, possessed, controlled, or managed on the lien date. You are also required to sign (under the penalty of perjury) and return the completed statement to the Assessor’s Office by the date required by law. Failure to timely submit a properly, fully completed, signed statement will compel the Assessor to (1) return the statement for compliance, (2) estimate your property’s value from other information in the Assessor’s possession, and (3) add a penalty of 10 percent of the property’s assessed value. See Rules 171 and 172(e), and sections 441, 441(a-g), 463, and 501 for specifics. All information submitted is subject to audit as provided for in sections 469 and 470, and Rules 191, 192 and 193. Section 441(g) states that property statements and attachments found to be in error may be refused and returned to the taxpayer for correction and compliance. Property statements not returned timely to the Assessor may be subject to an estimated assessment and/or penalties. Fully explain situations requiring deviation from your records. Please contact the Assessor’s Office if you have any questions regarding compliance.

Section 441 states that if you own taxable personal property in any other county whose aggregate cost is $100,000 or more for any assessment year, you must file a property statement with the Assessor of that county whether or not you are requested to do so. Any person not otherwise required to file a statement shall do so upon request of the Assessor regardless of the aggregate cost of the property. The Assessor of the county will supply you with a form upon request.

This property statement is not a public document. The information contained herein will be held secret by the Assessor under section 451; however, this statement can be disclosed to the district attorney, grand jury and other agencies specified in section 408. Attached schedules are considered to be part of the property statement.

Section 441.5 and Rule 171(b) state that taxpayers can submit schedules and attachments to a property statement. The section indicates that the entire statement reproduced by the taxpayer can be submitted as an attachment in lieu of completing the forms supplied by the Assessor. The section further states that at least one statement as provided by the Assessor must be submitted along with the attachments, and the form must be properly executed. Finally, the section also states that the appearance of the attachments, including unsolicited information, must be in a format as specified by the Assessor. Requests for changes in the format must be submitted in writing and receive approval prior to use. Contact the Assessor for information and instructions concerning computer media reporting.

The property statement(s) accompanying these instructions illustrates the format, the appearance, and the information required for submitting a self-generated property statement. Your attachments must be on letter size (8.5” by 11”), white paper using portrait orientation — not landscape (sideways). The sections and items appearing on each page are not to be moved to other pages or rearranged. As a minimum, all pages must have the lien date year, and your name (assessee) and the Assessor’s assessment number as they appear on the property statement provided by the Assessor. YOU MUST RETURN THE ORIGINAL PROPERTY STATEMENT.

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Important Additional Taxpayer Information Provided by Monterey County

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