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Marin: BOE-62-A

Marin County: BOE-62-A

Marin: BOE-62-A REV.05 (5-20) for 2021

Certificate Of Disability

This form should accompany form BOE-62, Disabled Person's Claim for Transfer of Base Year Value to Replacement Dwelling, and is a certificate of severe and permanent disability to be completed by claimant's physician.

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Important Additional Taxpayer Information Provided by Marin County

Proposition 110 is a constitutional initiative passed by California voters that provides property tax relief for severely and permanently disabled claimants when they sell an existing home and buy or build another. Certain requirements must be met. You must provide proof of severe and permanent disability and file a claim with the assessor who will then determine if you qualify. Appropriate proof of disability is a certificate signed by a licensed physician or surgeon attesting to the claimant’s severe and permanent disability. If you are filing a request for property tax exclusion for modifications made to improve accessibility, in addition to the claim and proof of disability, a statement must be provided that identifies the construction, installation, or modification that was necessary to make the structure more accessible.


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