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Kern: BOE-571-P

Kern County: BOE-571-P

Verify or provide your name and mailing address on the front of the property statement. Also provide the name, title, telephone number, and fax number of the person to contact regarding this property statement.
The property statement must be executed (signed) in accordance with Rule 172, Title 18, California Code of Regulations and submitted to Assessor.

On the back of the property statement is a continuation sheet that is intended to be copied as needed. In lieu of filling out the continuation sheets manually, you may attach the information in another format, such as computer-prepared listings, provided that the attachments are in a format as specified by the Assessor. If the Assessor has provided a listing of segments, use the continuation sheet for reporting newly acquired segments, previously unreported segments, or segments not shown in detail listing.

Report all pipelines situated in this county that you owned, claimed, possessed, controlled, or managed on the tax lien date, except do not report pipelines assessed by the Board of Equalization or pipelines assessed with another property such as an oil lease. The property statement will be rejected if segment information is not provided as requested in these instructions or if the property statement is captioned “No Change,”“Change Only Listing,”“Same as Last Year,” or similar wording.

List segments in file/parcel number and segment name order. List new segments (pipelines acquired or constructed since the previous lien date, including construction in progress) separately for both manually- and computer-prepared listings. Provide maps for all new segments.

It is acceptable to report an average basis and booked amounts for segments having the same name, diameter and similar characteristics. It is not expected or required that you report the exact amount for each and every segment. Please use prudent reasonable judgment in allocating accounting costs and property tax basis.

See Instructions   

Important Additional Taxpayer Information Provided by Kern County

Please Downlaod PDF form, fill it, print and mail to address listed on top.


Download Form BOE-571-P

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